Guided Hunting Trips in Alaska

The hunt is a pilgrimage back to the origins of mankind. The hunt is where we first learned to improvise, build tools, and work as a team to carry out complex plans. The hunt was our first education, our first job, and the stakes for success were the lives of our families who relied on us to bring meat home at the end of the day. To hunt is to participate in nature rather than to merely observe it. Every detail of nature takes on a whole new meaning when we make the step from Observer to Participant. The hunter is observant of the wind and its track of scent, the clouds and a looming storm, the darting scurry of a mouse or weasel, the scent of fall and waning seasons, the suns approach of the days horizon. These burn into the mind and become a part of the of the hunter, for a successful hunter must be the keenest observer, focusing on the surroundings and beyond the self. This scrutiny of the surroundings brings an awareness, appreciation, and respect for the natural environment and all it's inhabitants. To hunt is more than to pursue the animal, it is to pursue a union with nature that cannot be experienced along any other path and to find the very roots of our human character.

The hunts offered by Wrangell Outfitters are targeted toward the sportsman who wants a very classic and exclusive experience. The hunting area that we use is an exclusive Federal Concession within the Wrangell, St. Elias National Park Preserve. Wrangell Outfitters is the only company that can contract hunts for this area. Horses are used to access the distant corners of the hunting area and help to create the nostalgic feel of the classic Alaskan Safari. We do not look at nature as our enemy or adversary. The concept of "man vs wild" is as foreign to a true bush man as the concept of "man vs living room" would be to any man who lives a house.

Price includes transportation from Fairbanks to Horsfeld and return, all accommodations, food, guide service, trophy preparation and care while at Horsfeld. Reservations can be made for you in Fairbanks as well as arrangements for shipping of horns, capes and hides. Additional species are taken on the species specific trophy fee list listed below:

Alaska Sheep Hunts

Guided Hunts:

May 25-June 5 : (Spring Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolf)

June 5- June 16 : (Spring Grizzly, Black Bear)

June 19-July 1 : (Spring Grizzly, Black Bear)

August 8-20 - 1st Fall Hunt:
(Sheep, Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolverine, Wolf)

August 20-September 2 - 2nd Fall Hunt:
(Sheep, Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolverine, Wolf)

September 8-September 20 - 3rd Fall Hunt:
(Sheep, Moose, Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolverine, Wolf)

September 20-October 1 - 5th Fall Hunt:
(Moose, Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolverine, Wolf)

October 1-October 12 - 6th Fall Hunt:
(Grizzly, Black Bear, Wolverine, Wolf)