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Summer Horse Pack Trips

Our Gold Rush Pack Trips are catered to the experienced riders who want to delve into the skill and passion of horseback riding. This trip will guide you through some of the most remote terrain and extensive scenery this country has left to roam. Invest in the opportunity to learn how to pack a horse and set up camp like the Klondike Gold Rushers from a century ago, and experience the peace and beauty of your surroundings with exceptional service and guides. These adventures, whether you choose the six day pack trip or the extended twelve day trip will give you a chance to be part of a way of life that in Alaska still says frontier.

The richness in this part of Alaska is in the diversity of the peaks and the wildlife that roams. The trip starts in Horsfeld, a remote guest camp nestled in the Nutzotins. The Nutzotin mountains are an older range that border the Wrangells and are defined by volcanic history and flattop peaks. As we travel up the valley bottom of beaver creek we can hope to spot the abundance within wildlife terrain: moose, caribou, black bear, grizzly bear, grayling; and an entourage of alpine songbirds, white crowned sparrows, varied thrushes, yellow warblers and more. Each drainage we pass is featured by the distinctive carvings of the creeks contrasted against the ruggedness of the rocky vistas to each side. Glaciated peaks and rivers meet us half way into our journey as we ride through and along the White River to Russell Glacier. This day provides some of the most incredible big mountain shots of the trip. With over 12,000 feet of elevation Mt. Nazahat, Sulzer and Bona will amaze you. Look out for lupine, fireweed, monks hood and wild roses along the trail, and learn to identify and use some of the delicacies of the Boreal tundra. Come open your heart and eyes to the fullness of this exclusive trip.

Come join us for a wild ride in a peaceful setting for our 2017 Gold Rush Horse Pack Trip!

From on the horse.

2017 Trip Dates:

June 20th-July 1st: filled
July 6th- July 17th:

Price: $6,450 per person

This price includes:

*12 Days riding horseback through the Wrangells in the biggest National Park in the United States.
*Over 100 miles of completely wild terrain.
*Transportation costs to and from Fairbanks, including your transportation to Tok, Alaska where your bush plane awaits.
*All meals, accommodations, horseback riding gear, and guides during your time in Horsfeld.
*An individual wall tent cabin with comfortable beds, sheets, towels and wood stoves.
*Riding the Klondike Gold Rush Trail, a unique opportunity to be a part of history.
*Learn to identify local flora and fauna and understand the history of this landscape personally.
*An opportunity to experience rare wilderness and vastly remote terrian.

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