Summer schedule
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Base Camp Trip (June-July) This trip is based out of the main ranch grounds. Here we are focused more on comfort and a good time enjoying the remote wilderness in style. Days are spent hiking, fishing, swimming and horseback riding; flexible to how the group sees fit to enjoy their days. The evenings are filled with dinner and stories around the camp fire, a sauna and hot tub at the creek, and activities to keep us entertained and learning about the area. Enjoy your stay in your own comfortable and traditional wall tent cabin with beds and a small wood stove. This trip is perfect to share with friends, family, or even solo with its variety of activities. Day trips include rides up Horsfeld Creek where gold was originally panned, to Bray Lakes where we will spend the day canoeing and catching fish, or hiking up the Bluff trail for a picnic. Longer days include trips to Klein Creek and Lone Mountain trailing along the volcanic peaks of Wiki and through Beaver Creek. All of the days will finish with homemade meals and decadent desserts made by our camp chef. She keeps the cook cabin smelling sweet with fresh baked goods, coffee, and meals coming out of her wood cook-stove at every turn. This trip is made for memories, laughter, and that curious combination of peace and thrill that nature provides.

Gold Rush Horse Pack Trips (June-July) These adventurous tours follow different courses but both trace the historic mail trails used by packers during the Klondike and Chisana Gold Rushes. This 100 mile trip starts and ends at the main ranch, but the body of the trip is spent traveling via horseback through the vast terrain of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park. This trip will take you up the Beaver Creek Valley, over Ophir Pass where the valley extends 360 degrees around. We make our way to the White River, a braided glacial river where we can hope to see vast arrays of wildlife alongside the 12000 foot peaks of Mt. Nazahat, Bona and the Russell Glacier. The next day we follow the main body of the Wrangell's seeing the stunning slopes of Yuker Mountain, Beaver Peak, and Mt. Sulzer. With saddlebags packed, and horses ready this cowboy adventure will take us for a ride. Historic horse packing is a truly unique way to travel. The views from the horse allow us easier sittings of local flora and fauna, and traveling with horses always holds potential for a wildly sensational time. Our horses live in this terrain year round. Their knowledge and experience along these trails takes us sure-footedly through creeks, up passes and bogs that would otherwise make for a strenuous and difficult trip. The beauty, the stories and solemnity cannot be beat. Your guides will provide endless entertainment through stories, facts, and fabulous food around the campfires. Look for Dall's sheep on the vistas, moose in the brush, and spend time learning this landscape's immense history. Join us on horseback through some of the most beautiful and untouched wilderness in the world.

Ride and Raft- (July 31st-August 4th) Are you the type that wants to do it all? This Land and River trip is built for full adventure. Cover forty miles of the most spectacular riding trails on the main body of the Wrangell's and meet our raft at the glacial source. This will be the full horseback experience of riding long days in the saddle and luxury camping under the Alaskan summer sky. We will spend the day riding through fields of fragrant lupine, along towering Beaver Peak, and hoping to spot grizzly mothers with their cubs, wolves, caribou, and moose. Early morning starts with full breakfast and a hand made sack lunch for later in the day. Then we ride our way to the rafts. The start of the river trip is literally the start of the river, and we can walk to the glacier face and see the river emerge from under hundreds of feet of ice. From our riverside camp we will hear the glacier calve and the roar of the river will throb in our ears. After inflating our rafts, waterproofing our gear, and reviewing safety procedures we will head down river with the swift current. An easy day's paddle puts us in the narrowest part of the valley and here we set-up camp for two nights. From this spectacular camp we will have a full day to hike in the mountains, fish a nearby lake, or just relax in the wilderness. The Wrangell's are truly a splendor and we ought to have the whole place to ourselves. Our final paddling day features swift current splashy waves and dramatic scenery. We will be busy steering the boats (everyone paddles) and avoiding the big rocks, but not too busy to stop when we see wildlife river side. After leaving the big peaks behind us we will seek-out a long flat gravel bar for a campsite and improvised runway. Our pilot returns in the morning to shuttle us back towards civilization.

The vast wilderness where our guided tours range.
One of our pack trip horses enjoy the Alaskan foliage.

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Daniel our riding the range on his horse dusty.

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